Spring's a Fine Time for a Trip to the Forest

Apr 22 2011

By Harriet Baskas

Throughout 2011, which the United Nations has declared the International Year of Forests, programs around the world are being offered with the goal of raising awareness about the care and feeding of forests and to woo more visitors into the woods.

Here at home, the U.S. Forest Service cares for plenty trees, but the agency also oversees a wide variety of special places, including six national monuments, 19 national recreation areas, 11 national scenic areas, 22 national historic landmarks and a half dozen national scenic and historic trails. 

Throw in a volcano, a planetarium, bison herds and a tallgrass prairie, and you can see how  taking a walk in the woods might take on a whole new meaning. 

Here are some fun facts about U.S. forests to help you plan a visit.

See Who Celebrated the Year of Forests


Campaign Highlights

  • The official U.S. celebration of IYOF, “Celebrate Forests. Celebrate Life.” launched on March 1, 2011 in DC.
  • 115 events were held in 34 states and 1 territory.
  • Two states and one town made official IYOF proclamations.
  • First Annual National Walk in the Woods Day was held on May 21, 2011.
  • IYOF Photography Fellow visits 6 states and is documented in Huffington Post and Grist.
  • UNEP and UN Ambassador Don Cheadle creates "Supporting Forests" PSA.

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