Photojournalist Captures Relationship Between People and Nature

WOUB Public Media
Dec 17 2011

By Fred Kight

As a photojournalist working on assignment for the National Network of Forest Practitioners, it's Josh Birnbaum's job to see the forest AND the trees -- to see the big picture and the personal story. And to share his vision with others.

Birnbaum is a graduate of Ohio University who now lives in Athens, which is where the Forest Practitioners organization is located.

Back in June, the national group picked Birnbaum as the International Year of Forests Photography Fellow.  "I was chosen to travel around the country and photograph various issues related to forestry and to highlight these issues that are important to the forest and our existence as humans," he says.

See Who Celebrated the Year of Forests


Campaign Highlights

  • The official U.S. celebration of IYOF, “Celebrate Forests. Celebrate Life.” launched on March 1, 2011 in DC.
  • 115 events were held in 34 states and 1 territory.
  • Two states and one town made official IYOF proclamations.
  • First Annual National Walk in the Woods Day was held on May 21, 2011.
  • IYOF Photography Fellow visits 6 states and is documented in Huffington Post and Grist.
  • UNEP and UN Ambassador Don Cheadle creates "Supporting Forests" PSA.

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